A-Link 4G-reititin 300Mbit, Wireless-N


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Tuotekoodi: WNAP4G
Ean-koodi: 6418949022238
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A-LINK WNAP4G on 4G / 3G WLAN(11n) -reititin Gigabitin porteilla (4port + 1wan).

Tekniset tiedot:

o Standard :
   IEEE 802.11n / 300Mb
   IEEE 802.11g / 54Mb
   IEEE 802.11b / 11Mb

o Other Standards :
   IEEE 802.11e (WMM)
   IEEE 802.3x
   IEEE 802.3u
   IEEE 802.11f (IAPP)
   IEEE 802.1x (Radius)

o Frequency band :
   2.4 GHz ISM Band

o Wireless data rate :
   Up to 300 Mbps at 40MHz channel
   Up to 150 Mbps at 20MHz channel
   Channel / Data rate changeable
   RF output power changeable
   2x2 MIMO technology

o Wireless features :
   Operation Mode : AP / Client (WISP) / WDS AP+WDS
   Support Multible AP (5pcs)
   Network type: Infastructure / AdHoc
   SSID broadcast (yes/no)
   MAC clone
   Universal repeater mode
   Wireless schedule

o Security :
   64 bit / 128 bit WEP Encryption
   WPA (TKIP/AES) Encryption
   WPA2 (TKIP/AES) Encryption
   Radius server support
   IP- filtering
   Port filtering
   URL- filtering
   MAC- address filtering
   Trigger port
   SPI- firewall

o Range :
   100-280 meters (depends on surrounding)

o Receiver sensitivity :
   -64dBm @ 300 Mbps
   -79dBm @ 54 Mbps
   -80dBm @ 11 Mbps

o 3G / 4G WAN support for :
   - A-LINK - Huawei - Option
   - ZTE - Nokia - Novatel
   - Sierra - Solomon - Sony Ericsson
   - Full list of supported 3G / 4G  modems:

o 3G / 4G WAN features :
   - Authentication number
   - Username / Password
   - APN
   - PIN code
   - Band selection (4G / 3G / 2G / Auto)
       - Connection type (continuous / manual)
   - 3G information
   - Keep alive HSPA
   - 3G / 4G WatchDog
   - 3G / 4G modem-, ISP default PIN code- and APN auto detection

o Support also :
   Bridging and routing
   LAN side: DHCP server / DHCP client / static DHCP
   WAN side: Static IP / DHCP client / PPPoE / PPTP / 3G / 4G
   IGMP proxy
   QoS support
   NAT Loopback
   Virtual server
   VPN- passtrough (IPsec,PPTP,L2TP)
   DMZ- hosting
   File / FTP server (USB memory)
   802.1d with spanning tree protocol
   WatchDog -feature
   3G failover (WAN DHCP client)
   VLAN function
   Static Route (edit the routing table)
   QoS function Update; it can control bandwidth by
   IP and MAC address

o Antenna :
   2 pcs external antenna with SMA- connector
   (can be changed)

o RF max. output power :
   14 dBm at 11n / 11g
   17 dBm at 11b

o Management :
   Web based management and configuration
   Setup wizard
   Log table and remote log services
   Firmware upgradeable

o Connectors :
   1pcs 10/100/1000Mb RJ-45 (WAN)
   4pcs 10/100/1000Mb ethernet switch RJ-45 (LAN)
   1pcs USB 2.0 port
   2pcs SMA connectors (Antenna)
   WPS button
   Reset button

o LED Indicators :

o Power Adapter :
   Input: AC 100~240V, 50~60Hz
   Output: DC 5V / 2A

o Compliance :
   FCC, CE, RoHS

o A-LINK Retail package contains :
   - WNAP
   - 2x Antennas (SMA)
   - Power supply
   - Installation guide
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