Digitus Passiivinen PoE Cable Kit, valkoinen

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Digitus Passiivinen PoE Cable Kit, valkoinen


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Simplifies installation of network devices by power and data transmission is combined via a single cable.

Save yourself the time-consuming installation of power cables with the Digitus Power over Ethernet products! Most network devices must be supplied with electricity. In most cases, is just where you want to install your security camera example, no outlet.
Now there is a solution: With the DIGITUS PoE products you install your network components where you want! Your devices will be powered over the existing network cable.

The Digitus Passive PoE Cable Set includes two cables:
One input cable for connecting the DC power supply and network connection over a Cat 5e U-UTP cable and an output cable for connection to the terminal. You can supply your devices over a maximum length of 5 meters with power.

- input cable with RJ45 plug, DC socket and RJ45 jack;
- output cable for the terminal with RJ45 plug, DC plug and RJ45 jack;
- Suitable for 5.5mm power connector ;
- Cable Connection: 10/100 Mbit / s;
- PVC jacket;
- RJ45 Plug;
- pin assignment: 1/2/3/6 for data transmission, 4/5/7/8 for the power supply.
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