AXAGON Asennusrauta 2x 2.5" -> 3.5" paikkaan, musta

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The AXAGON RHD-225 metal frame for mounting two 2.5" HDD or SSD drives into one 3.5" position of the PC case.

This can provide an easy solution for an internal disk array in compact computers. Standard 7 mm SSD disks and also 9.5 mm hard disks can be used.

Precise holes and supplied screws ensure easy and trouble-free frame installation into the computer case. To enhance disk cooling, the frame is ready for installation of an extra fan.

• Supports 2x 2.5" SSD or HDD up to 9.5 mm height.
• The frame dimensions and mounting holes correspond to the standard 3.5" position of the PC case.
• The frame is made from a steel sheet and painted black.
• The prepared 80 mm fan mounting holes on the frame bottom (the fan is not included).
• Outside dimensions of the frame 102 x 115 x 24 mm, weight 55 g.

Package contains:
• Frame for two 2.5" disks,
• screws for mounting the disks and frame,
• printed installation manual in CZ / DE / DK / ENG / ESP / FIN / FR / GR / HR / HU / IT / NL / PL / PT / RO / RU / SK / SWE / TR / BG / CN / ARA,
• packed in a cardboard box with a hanging hole.