Varta LCD Universal Charger+ -laturi, AA/AAA/C/D, 1x9V /USB (Poistotuote! Norm. 41,90€)

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VARTA LCD Universal Charger+ for up to 4 AA/AAA/C/D or 1x 9V and USB devices with safety timer, short circuit protection and LCD screen

VARTA LCD Universal Charger+
VARTA LCD Charger+: User optimized charging products with single slot charging, sophisticated LCD display and comprehensive safety features for best charging results.
- Charges up to 4 AA, AAA, C, D or 1x 9V
- Additional USB out port for charging external devices
- Single slot charging for highest flexibility and best charging results
- Increased and simplified LCD screen for more convenience
- Improved sensitivity of bad cell detection
- Comprehensive safety features
- Individual design guarantees exceptional product look and high VARTA quality
- AC adapter
- Global voltage - worldwide use (100-240V)