AXAGON Jäähdytin M.2 2280 SSD:lle

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AXAGON CLR-M2FAN copper heatsink with fan for perfect cooling of high performance M.2 SSD disks, especially NVMe. The universal heatsink can be used for M.2 cards with size 22 x 80 mm. Supplied thermally conductive pads allow heatsink installation for all single-sided as well as double-sided M.2 SSD disks.

Ribbed copper heatsink core with aluminum body is 8.6 mm high. Inside the body, there is a fan with PWM speed control, which is connected to the computer's motherboard with a 4-pin power connector. The fan speed can be automatically controlled by temperature, to save energy or to reduce noise.

Copper heatsink with fan together with metal bracket assists in optimal dissipation of heat generated during the M.2 SSD operation. It also reduces the drive temperature by up to 30°C. This prolongs the M.2 SSD life and prevents disk slow down, so-called "Thermal Throttling".

The heatsink can be used not only with M.2 AXAGON adapters, but also with M.2 (NGFF) slots on motherboards, etc. Thanks to the metal frame, the heatsink dissipates heat from both sides of the M.2 disk and thus achieves maximum cooling efficiency.

• Support of M.2 drives of any capacity.
• Support of both single-sided and double-sided M.2 drives.
• Support of M.2 drives, size 22 x 80 mm.
• Support of SATA (AHCI) as well as NVMe (PCI-Express) M.2 drives.
• Ribbed copper heatsink core, aluminum body.
• Fan with PWM speed control, 4-pin power connector.
• 3 pcs thermally conductive pads can be deliberately combined and used for both single-sided and double-sided SSD disks with different height.
• Compact dimensions 76 x 24 x 13 mm.
• Weight 45 g.

Package contains:
• Heatsink with fan and fixed 38 cm long power cable,
• metal bracket,
• 3 pcs thermally conductive pads,
• mounting material and screwdriver,