Akasa USB-A -> 3-Pin / 4-Pin, 5V -> 12V PC Fan -adapterikaapeli, 60cm

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Elevate your PC cooling performance with ease using our 5V to 12V DC step-up voltage converter cable, seamlessly transforming USB power to support both 3-pin and 4-pin PC fans.

• Efficient voltage conversion
• Universal fan compatibility
• 12V voltage step-up circuit design


Application: 12V voltage step-up USB to 3-pin and 4-pin PC fan adapter cable
Cable Length: 0.6M
Minimum Input: 5V
Max Output: 12V, 0.7A

  • USB Type-A, 3-pin or 4-pin fan connector*
  • *Note: FG and PWM designed fans will run at full RPM and will not provide FG or PWM feedback to the motherboard