AXAGON 2.0 USB-C -kaapeli, PD3.0 3A 60W, punottu, 1m, musta

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Premium connection USB-C <-> USB-C Data and Charging AXAGON BUCM-CM10AB HQ USB 2.0 cable with USB-C male connectors at both ends. The cable is designed to data synchronization and charging phones, tablets and other mobile devices. It supports up to 480 Mb/s data transfer and charging with current up to 3A. The cable is compatible with charging technologies Power Delivery 60W, Quick Charge, Samsung AFC, Huawei FCP, SMART and others.

Durable data and power cable with extended service life is equipped with metal terminals, connectors with a nickel-plated surface and gold-plated contacts. Cable conductors are made of Tin-plated oxygen free copper. High-quality cable insulation, made of flexible TPE, guarantees maximum durability and also maintains sufficient flexibility. The final strength of the cable is provided by the nylon braid. The bonus is a practical strip for easy packing of the cable.

Power cables 22AWG (lower number = larger cross-section and lower wire resistance) guarantee fast charging of phones and other mobile devices. Cable also supports notebook charging using Power Delivery 60W technology. Data wires 30AWG together with high-quality shielding, ensure reliable data transmission. Double shielding protects transmitted signals from adverse interference.

Nylon braid in combination with a cable gland significantly reduces dangerous cable bending. The cable life is extended to more than 8000 standard bends. The mechanical resistance of the cable is also increased by the aluminum terminal covers.

• USB-C (M) male 
• USB-C (M) male 

Other features:
• DATA SYNC & FAST CHARGING - simultaneous data transfer and mobile device battery charging.
• USB 2.0 compatible with USB 1.1.
• Supports 480 / 12 / 1.5 Mb/s (High / Full / Low speed) transmission rates.
• Support for high-speed charging by current up to 3A.
• Supported charging technologies: Power Delivery 2.0/3.0 - 60W (20V/3A), Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 / 3.0 / 4+, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging, Huawei Fast Charge Protocol, SMART Charging and others.
• Cable includes power wires 22AWG, data wires 30AWG. 
• Tin-plated oxygen free copper conductors to reduce oxidation, increase conductivity, and clear signal without distortion.
• Shielding via galvanized foil and oxygen free copper braiding minimizes interference and prevents signal loss.
• Nickel-plated connectors and gold-plated contacts prevent oxidation and provide a reliable connection.
• Suitable for notebooks, mobile phones and smartphones, tablets, powerbanks and other mobile devices with USB-C connector.

Other data: 
• cable length 1 m,
• cable outer diameter 4 mm.

Package contains:
• USB-C M <-> USB-C M black cable,
• tightening strip,
• packed in a printed and sealed foil package with hanging hole.